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Online Shopping Site for Men & Women Fashion Jewellery

Did you not want to look like a superstar every day when you were a child? Why not give a shape of reality to that fashion fantasy when you can get hold of such designer fashion jewellery without stretching your budgets too much! So here we are presenting to you Founded by Archana Vijaya, it is a very special line of fine fashion jewellery and accessories that are classy, beautiful, trendy yet affordable!

When the multi-faceted talent model, VJ, and cricket presenter, Archana Vijaya comes up with her own line of fine fashion jewellery brand for you, you know it has got to be worthwhile! Her style which is well represented by Label Kiss is such that each piece of accessory is really simple, yet striking, and will make a statement. With statement pieces that not only look elegant but are also easy on the pocket, Label Kiss will become yours go to solution for all your ready-to-wear fashion jewellery for women or affordable and luxurious men’s accessories need. So whether you are a college going student, a working professional or a home maker, you are sure to find something that suits your needs perfectly!

Also with every passing day we make sure that our designs take a new curve and represent something that are fresher, brighter and more unique than ever! So if you are the lookout for something that will give you the centre stage then you need to check out Label Kiss right away! Let us take you through our major divisions:

Best Online Fashion Jewellery Shopping Site for women in India

Fashion jewellery shopping can get extremely confusing, picking the right kind of fashion jewellery that best represents your persona can sometimes get next to impossible! However, with Label Kiss you can leave all the worries to us. The fashion jewellery collections for women is such that it will cater to the needs of the modern woman. A fine mix of modern and traditional designs, an effort has been made to focus on the rare appeal of the designs. Thus whether you like ethnic designs or minimal-fuss-free is your style, we have one for each one of you.

Thus every piece of fashion jewellery at Label kiss has a story to tell and each story is captivating enough to make you want to buy it! So be ready to give yourself a pretty makeover with some of these gorgeous pieces. The best power about them is that their uniqueness will not only make you feel pretty but empowered too.

Accessories for men

If you are a man who likes to keep it stylish and is always on the lookout for personalised statement accessories, then Label Kiss will prove to be a God sent solution to you. If ‘arty’ is your middle name, then look no further than our store. Think classy bow ties or funky cufflinks, we have them all. Or if you who is not afraid to embrace his bold side by trying out new trends then we have something for you too! We have made sure that all our pieces fit the modern day man who wants ready-to-wear men’s accessories that are attractive yet functional and wearable.


Whether you are looking to celebrate a festival or a special event in your life, buy special gifts for men and women for your loved ones is a way to express happiness and we have something that is sure to ‘wow’ you! Our gift collection has handpicked pieces that will delight each one of you. So, surprise your special someone by buying him or her some handpicked Fashion jewellery or accessories that which will stand the test of time, just like your relationship always has.

Is your loved one, someone who likes to stand out in the crowd of the ordinary? If that is so then our gift collection will help you gift them this pleasant change, for they are such a break from the old usual designs! From quirky pieces which give an element of surprise to pieces that have its roots in all things Indian, the gift section will not leave you disappointed.

To help you keep things simple and convenient, Label Kiss has tried to make your online shopping experience seamless by ensuring simple browsing, shopping and prompt delivery services. This will ensure that you get your favourite things at your doorstep as quickly as possible.

With so much to offer are you not tempted to check us our? Feel free to take a tour of our store and we promise to leave you enamoured!